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Meet Matt from Brouhaha

Meet Dennis from Modus Operandi

Meet Hamish from Rocky Ridge Brewing

I’m a 5th generation farmer with a passion for good beer. We grow all our own ingredients on site here in Jindong, with a ‘fresh is best’ approach to all of our products. We strongly believe in local, Australian products. We make beer we like to drink, with the freshest farm grown ingredients. Everything we put in our beer; be it Malt, Hops, Yeast or Water has been hand grown, harvested, dried, kilned, malted, filtered and finally brewed right here on site by our family. That is truly fresh, and about as local as you can get.

Meet Martin from Sunshine Coast Cider
My name is Martin Rellstab and together with my wife Regine we started Sunshine Coast Cider as a family business earlier this year. We produce apple cider the old fashioned way. All our apples grow on the Granite Belt, are picked when fully ripe and juiced there and then. Yeast and a lot of time turns the juice into a fully fermented dry cider. No interference, no stopping of fermentation, we just wait and let nature do its work. After several months of ageing we bottle a cider full of flavour and high alcohol content. This cider could be mistaken for a white wine and has nothing in common with the sweet versions sold elsewhere. We want you to enjoy pure cider. We don’t thin it down with water or juice. It’s just 100% real apple cider.
I grew up on a small farm near Zurich, Switzerland. Before migrating to Australia I was growing fruit for 18 years – apples, pears, cherries, strawberries, plums and a whole lot more. I hold a Swiss Masters certificate in ‘fruit growing’ and I’m also the 5th generation cider maker in the family.
Meet Aaron from Gage Roads

For Aaron Heary, the passion for brewing doesn’t stop when the time card gets punched. It evolves into something personal, something original and something beautiful. In the quiet of his garage he employs his vast knowledge of brewing styles to delve deeper into the science of barrel aging beers. Our seasoned Brew Chief is a veteran of the vats earning the respect of his peers and fellow brewers. We recently navigated our way through his back garden and into the garage where two 225L barriques lay ageing…

Meet Andrew from Bargara

IF YOU happen to wander on into The Brewhouse, most days you will find Andrew Clark leaning over a vat creating an epic craft brew concoction. The head brewer of Bargara Brewing Company is responsible for those mouth-watering, unique flavours that the local brewery has been producing since their opening in 2015. From the robust taste of the Drunk Fish APA to the beautiful banana notes of the Phat Heffa Hefeweizen , creating distinctive flavours has been a passion that has run through Andrew’s veins since he was first introduced to the craft brewing world. Andrew’s interest in beer developed when he was visiting family in England in his early 20s. “The beer culture in England was much more refined than it was in Australia all those years ago. “There was so much more variety in flavours and textures. I was completely in my element.” After returning home to Australia, Andrew began to put his passion for beer into practice by crafting his own home brews. “When I first delved into the hobby of home brewing, most of my beers turned out very badly,” he laughed. But the then-hobbyist persisted and, after entering many home brew competitions and coming home with national titles, Andrew knew it was something he had a knack for. Nowadays, Andrew spends most of his time at The Brewhouse on Tantitha St. The brewery has a repertoire of over 15 craft beers, using ingredients of local produce to create some very special flavours that will leave you wanting more.

BEERY GOOD: Bargara Brewing Company head brewer Andrew Clark with the second Great Barrier Beer creation for The Good Beer Co.

Meet Govs from Black Hops

Govs is an award-winning brewer with 10 years’ experience, working in most of Queensland’s best early craft breweries. As head brewer, Govs looks after the brewing operations and team,brew days and everything in between from ordering ingredients and planning through to production and quality testing. But unlike a lot of brewers, Govs doesn’t lock himself in the brewery. He is a constant presence in the industry, hanging out with locals, engaging onsite and speaking at events. His standing in the industry has recently earned him a nomination for the top brewer in Queensland in The Beeries Awards, to go along with his recent AIBA gold medals, most recently he was awarded best Marzen at the 2017 Oktoberfest in Brisbane.

Meet Dan from Welders Dog

As an avid fan of all things beer and brewing, the challenge of coming up with a recipe for a unique ginger beer was one that I knew I would enjoy. That was because I thought it would be easy, that the hardest part would be figuring out how to brag and drink at the same time. It wasn’t long before the crushing reality dawned and the real work began figuring out how to harness the microbiology needed to create a sour and balanced ginger beer and then replicate it time and time again.  I have always been a massive fan of sour, wild and mixed culture beers and whilst we didn’t want to go too out there for this particular product, we wanted to take some of the sensibilities from these types of beers and incorporate them in a way that made our Farmhouse Ginger Beer not only unique in the contemporary market but true to the flavor of the traditional farmhouse method of fermenting with a mixed culture.Fast forward 12 months and I am still loving brewing this beer in my hometown of Armidale, and whilst it is a continual challenge working with wild bacteria, the results remain worth the effort.

Cheers, Dan

Meet Adam from Stalwart

Meet Matt from Moffat Beach Brewing


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