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Meet Martin from Sunshine Coast Cider
My name is Martin Rellstab and together with my wife Regine we started Sunshine Coast Cider as a family business earlier this year. We produce apple cider the old fashioned way. All our apples grow on the Granite Belt, are picked when fully ripe and juiced there and then. Yeast and a lot of time turns the juice into a fully fermented dry cider. No interference, no stopping of fermentation, we just wait and let nature do its work. After several months of ageing we bottle a cider full of flavour and high alcohol content. This cider could be mistaken for a white wine and has nothing in common with the sweet versions sold elsewhere. We want you to enjoy pure cider. We don’t thin it down with water or juice. It’s just 100% real apple cider.
I grew up on a small farm near Zurich, Switzerland. Before migrating to Australia I was growing fruit for 18 years – apples, pears, cherries, strawberries, plums and a whole lot more. I hold a Swiss Masters certificate in ‘fruit growing’ and I’m also the 5th generation cider maker in the family.

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